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Let the party begin! This summer have fun with...


Let the party begin! This summer have fun with your food, make delicious salads and lemon-zest-infused cocktails with just a little twist.

Squeeze and spritz a little lemon evenly on your delicious Couscous, cucumber and red onion salad with your oh so chilled Limoncellos.

Oh! Enjoy every bite and every sip. Your party is a hit!
• Set includes two sizes: one for bigger fruits like lemons, oranges or grapefruits; another one for smaller fruits such as limes or tangerines.
• Easy to use: cut the fruit just a little at the top and base and let it sit. The screw-like design now can easily be inserted and secured inside the fruit. When sprayed, the juice fills the filter through the holes in the sprayer and the lemon juice gets sprayed on the food evenly.
• Comfortable: Silicone ring prevents juice from coming out and the dish allows the fruit to stand when not in use.
• Dishwasher safe: Made of ABS plastic and Silicone, 100% premium quality, stands up to 158F and 425F temperature respectively.
• Detachable: Comes apart completely for easy and thorough cleaning.


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